1At the request of a domestic professional or semi-professional theater AAS can provide authorization for legal use of foreign dramatic work. In the process of obtaining requested authorization – where AAS acts as an authorized representative of the theater – we agree on staging conditions with foreign copyright holder (theater agency, publisher, author’s agents, etc). When the theatre agrees with negotiated conditions, including financially, procedure concludes with signing of relevant agreement. Theater may, depending on the practice of various foreign copyright holders, be the co-signatory of the agreement or only be acquainted with its content by AAS. The price of AAS licensing service depends on whether the theater executes the agreed royalties (advances, royalties, flat rates, etc.) through AAS or directly. In the first case, AAS service is charged in the form of a commission covering both – licensing service and bank transfer of royalties to foreign licensor. In the second case, the obtaining of an authorization is charged as a  lump sum once the service is performed; This is considered to be done when the theater gives its consent to the negotiated conditions.

2 At the request of the publisher AAS can obtain authorization for publishing of the literary work of domestic or foreign copyright holder. In behalf of the publisher we will negotiate publishing conditions and sign legal agreement. The cost of obtaining an authorization is charged to the publisher as a lump sum after the service has been carried out, that is when publisher gives its consent to the negotiated conditions.

3In case that, despite AAS’ efford to find conditions suitable for both sides, theater or publishing house does not agree to the negotiated or offered conditions it pays 50% of the lump sum at the rate.

4If the consent to the negotiated conditions is already given and afterwards cancelled (theater or publishing house resigns from intended staging or publication) the subscriber pays 100% of the lump sum at the rate.

1. Licensing fee for performing foreign dramatic work
• commission in the amount of 16.67% of the net value of royalties (advances, royalties, flat-rate), that is the amount of royalties, which does not include withholding tax and VAT if the subscriber pays the agreed royalties through AAS,
• EUR 200,00 if the subscriber himself pays royalty to a foreign copyright holder

2. Authorization for the book publishing of the domestic literary work
• 90,00 EUR

1. The flat-rate amounts does not includes VAT. VAT at a rate 22% has to be added.