Copyright turnkey projects

Copyright Agency of Slovenia (AAS) may, in agreement with authors and subscribers of the copyrighted work, take over the organization and conduct of the author’s project in its own name and for its own account, while the AAS, in relation to the end user, acts as a contractor and the author as its subcontractor. In this way, in its own name and for its own account, AAS charges royalties for domestic authors to payers from EU. This way the authors are relieved of the obligation to register  for VAT (for the purpose of doing business abroad) and sending monthly recapitulative reports to the tax authority.

1. Copyright turnkey projects:
• 10% on the final price (exclusive of VAT) or by special agreement

2. Agency on copyright payments from abroad – EU
• 12% of invoiced gross amount (RAI)
• 10% of invoiced gross amount (other cases)

The amount of the percentage depends on the type and value of the project (the minimum value is EUR 1.500,00), on the assumed risk, on the number and status of subcontractors, on possible international elements, etc.

Escrow services

confidential storing of sensitive Intellectual property information

1. Escrow agreement
• 300,00 EUR

2. Other setup activities
• 500,00 EUR

3. Annual maintenance
• 900,00 EUR

4. Deposit updates
• 200,00 EUR/each

5. Deposit release
• 300,00 EUR

Other services

Search, preparation and transmission of data on authors’ heirs:
• 75,00 EUR per hour

1. The quoted commissions are exclusive of VAT, which shall be added at a rate of 22%.
2. The minimum billing unit for hourly charges accounts with a started half an hour.

Other legal services

1. Drafting a copyright contract on the AAS standard form:
• 25,00 EUR

2. Signing a copyright contract in the name and on behalf of the author:
• 25,00 EUR

3. Authentication of the content of a copyright contract:
• 25,00 EUR

4. Drafting reminder letters, business letters and offers:
• 75,00 EUR per hour,
• 100,00 EUR per hour for using a foreign language.

1. The quoted prices are exclusive of VAT, VAT is added at a rate of 22%.

Based on a separate agreement AAS and individual subscriber may agree on different prices as set out in our service pricelist.