Copyright registration

1 The Register of protected author’s works shall be managed by the AAS on the basis of the decree of the Slovenian Intellectual Property Office in accordance with the provisions of Article 174 of the Copyright and Related Rights Act (CRRA). It is intended to protect evidence of authorship and the time of the creation of copyright work. The entry in the register is voluntary and does not affect the creation and protection of copyright, but creates a legal presumption that the author or copyright holder of particular work is the one listed in the registry. This presumption can be challenged with the opposite evidence. The final legal effect of entry in the register is the reversal of the burden of proof in the event of a copyright dispute.

2The procedure to entry the register is not specifically formalized nor regulated. The procedure starts at the proposal of the applicant who presents the evidence of the copyright work, in person or by post. AAS briefly inspects the submitted work and, if it meets the assumptions of the copyright work from Article 5 of the CRRA, enter the data of the work and the author (or the copyright holder) into a special book – register. Upon entry in the register the AAS takes over the submitted evidence of the copyrighted work for the period of 5 years and issues a Certificate of registration.

3Entry in the register is not possible without submitting a copy of the copyright work. Subsequent amendments and supplements of subbmited evidence of copryright work are not allowed, however new entry in the register is possible. The validity of the submitted data is not verified, it’s accuracy is the responsibility of the applicant. AAS may refuse to register the work if submitted data are clearly in conflict with generally known facts (or facts known to AAS).

The data from the register are public. However, for the examination of the submitted evidence, kept by the AAS, prior consent of author or right holder is required.

5 After the expiry of the five-year period, the author or other right holder may extend the time of keeping of the submitted copy for another five-year period. Additional extensions of keeping time are possible until the expiration of the term of protection. For each additional five-year extension, a new fee in the amount of 50% of the full current registration fee, must be paid. Before the expiry date AAS informs the applicant about the possibility of extention.

6 Contribution, which, according to AAS does not meet the legal requirements of a copyrighted work, can be (at the request of the applicant) entered in a special register of contributions. Such entry, with the exception of informative, does not have any other effects. Keeping time of submitted copy is limited to a period of five years with possibility of extension. The applicant can only be a natural person.

1. Registration of protected authors work
• 80,00 EUR for natural persons (authors)
• 175,00 EUR for legal persons (copyright holders)

2. Extention of keeping time of registered work
• 40,00 EUR for natural persons (authors)
• 87,50 EUR for legal persons (copyright holders)

3. Register of contributions
• 40,00 EUR for natural persons (authors) only

4. Extension of Register of contributions
• 20,00 EUR for natural persons (authors) only

1. The quoted fees include VAT at rate of 22%.